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ACT is having the pleasure to present itself as a one of the world leading companies' specialist on the field of renewable energy.
ACT Respects the planet's scarce resources driving us to make energy ever cleaner and greener. We create technologies enabling our customers to make energy sustainable, available and affordable for everyone, anywhere.
The deserted initiative provides sustainable power from the Middle East and North Africa.
The deserted concept encompasses wind farms, solar thermal power plants, and transnational power highways
to efficiently carry the clean electricity to North Africa’s load centers.

A Single Source Supply Company
Today, ACT is one of the world's leading contracting companies in green energy systems and solutions, being a single source supply company.
It offers substantial benefits to the customer of the entire projects. It is unique in this field and systems.
Its ability to leverage the combined of a group of individual companies all of which are specialized and recognized as leaders in their respective area of expertise through exclusive partnership agreements.

The Most Reliable Partner For Your Renewable Energy Projects
ACT dedicated to the design of extremely high quality projects, innovation and customer care are our guiding principles.
The need to face ever growing demand of complete renewable energy projects has led to the creation of ACT "the green energy solutions company".
ACT combines the highly technology with the high-level professionalism by which we satisfy the customers' needs.

ACT GREEN ENERGY SOLUTIONS Is a company that works as a contractor, supplier, marketing, representation and regional office of a group of factories whose activities cover the Middle East and north of Africa.

ACT GREEN ENERGY SOLUTIONS Specialized in the following fields:
1- Design and built solar water heating systems with all different loads and capacities.
2- Design and built solar power stations with all different output loads.
3- Design and built solar lighting systems
4- Design and built indoor and outdoor LED and induction lighting systems.
5- Design and built solar water pump systems with all different loads and capacities.
6- Design and built solar hot water absorption chillers solar air conditioning systems.
7- Design and built day lighting systems.
8- Design and built UPS systems, batteries and energy storage systems.
9- Design and built inverting and charging systems.
10- Design and built solar water desalination plant.
11- Design and built wind power stations with all different output loads.
12- Design and built power saving systems.
ACT GREEN ENERGY SOLUTIONS in house expertise allows it to offer technical services in the following ways:

ACT GREEN ENERGY SOLUTIONS house expertise allow it to offer complete design for projects, the design may include:
• Engineering Designs
• Feasibility studies.
• Selection of the best solutions with suitable functions and capacities.
• Preparation of shop drawings.
• Preparation of installation and networks drawings.
ACT GREEN ENERGY SOLUTIONS has all the experts and facility to work as a consulting office for the projects that may include:
• Full design as mentioned before.
• Preparation of tender documents.
• Bidders offer evaluation sheets.
• Technical supervision on erection and start up.

ACT GREEN ENERGY SOLUTIONS works with very diversified and high quality product lines, with large group of manufactures from different origins, whose production is considered as the top in their lines, high quality and in the same time competitive compared with same quality products.
ACT GREEN ENERGY SOLUTIONS can offer complete tender pricing and equipment supplies and that may include:
• Selection of most equipment employing with specifications.
• Collection and supply of the equipment from different sources with minimum cost.
• Technical representation.
• Supervision on erection.
• Turnkey jobs.
ACT GREEN ENERGY SOLUTIONS can supply single or group of items with the most competitive prices in the market.

ACT GREEN ENERGY SOLUTIONS is considered as one of the leading companies in the field of green energy solutions and support specialize engineering with a group of highly qualified technicians for installation and maintenance works.

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